Mennonite Literature

Murder in Gutenthal by Armin Wiebe
Murder in Gutenthal

Wiebe’s second Gutenthal novel takes the form of a comic “anti-murder mystery.” Return...

Tatsea by Armin Wiebe

Winner of the Margaret Laurence Award for Fiction and the McNally Robinson Book of the...

Standing All the Night Through by Audrey Poetker
standing all the night through

Finding its inspiration in a chosen ­people with no promised land to call their own,...

Making Strange to Yourself by Audrey Poetker
Making strange to yourself

Audrey Poetker's new poetry is about "what the heart imagines," about times of...

I Sing for My Dead in German by Audrey Poetker
I Sing For My Dead in German

i sing for my dead in german is astonishing in its emotional impact. Revealing a young...

Jerusalem Beloved by Di Brandt
Jerusalem Beloved

In 1991, Di Brandt travelled to Jerusalem to visit a friend and to witness the Intifada...

Agnes in the Sky by Di Brandt
Agnes in the sky

Agnes in the Sky is a book of poetry seen through the eyes of a Mennonite in a...

questions I asked my mother by Di Brandt
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questions i asked my mother

Winner of the Gerald Lampert Memorial Award (League of Canadian Poets).Nominated for...

Surplus at the Border by Douglas Reimer
Surplus at the Border

The essays in Surplus at the Border examine the ways in which Mennonite writers have...

Stand the Sacred Tree by John Weier
Stand the Sacred Tree

Shortlisted for The Alexander Kennedy Isbister Award for Non-Fiction Stand the Sacred...

Marshwalker by John Weier

Written in the tradition of Peter Matthiessen’s classic The Wind Birds, John Weier's...

Ride the Blue Roan by John Weier
Ride The Blue Roan

The poems in Ride the Blue Roan demonstrate the same simplicity and craft as a hand-made...

The Penance Drummer by Lois Braun
Penance Drummer, The

With her remarkable eye for detail, Braun keenly observes the subtle dynamics and...

The Montreal Cats by Lois Braun
Montreal Cats

Braun’s third collection of short fiction again reveals the unseen—the secret exceptions...

The Pumpkin Eaters by Lois Braun
Pumpkin Eaters

The lives of the residents of Lois Braun's fictional village of Silvercreek are at the...

A Stone Watermelon by Lois Braun
Stone Watermelon

Nominated for the 1986 Governor General’s Award.These unsentimental, passionate stories...