Waking Blood by Deborah KeaheyWaking Blood by Deborah Keahey
ISBN: 9780888012524
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waking blood

A series of long poems that offer a wry look at personal politics and passions. Keahey pays particular attention to soul-and-body-shaping experiences common in life but marginalized in published literature: female desire, depression, divorce, pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding.

At one point the poet confesses that she was unable to write during her pregnancy--that the child growing in her was "too true for poetry." But she offers this remarkable narrative as a reflection upon that time. Keahey, in the most romantic way possible, serves the community like a mythological heroine, moving in other, perilous worlds on a quest for magic and bringing that magic back to show us cowards a moment of ecstasy. In this regard she is the people's poet.

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