There Can Never Be Enough by David ArnasonThere Can Never Be Enough by David Arnason
ISBN: 9780888014504
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There Can Never be Enough

David Arnason is one of the most loved and prolific short story authors on the prairies. Over a lifetime of writing David Arnason has crafted some of the most memorable stories in the Canadian literary canon, and now for the first time the very best of Arnason's stories have been compiled into a single volume, There Never Can be Enough: New and Selected Stories.

Advanced Praise

[Arnason is] one of the wittiest, most intelligent authors around.

The Chilliwack Times

… these accessible tales are dazzlingly witty, thought-provoking, hilarious, and sometimes sombre.


David Arnason’s short stories … take us out of ourselves and back through doors of fable into lives we find both fresh and familiar.

Prairie Fire

Arnason is committed to the idea that the vitality of narrative lies in the untold. In his tellings of history and his untellings of fairy tales, he continues to weave his own intricate and vital traps.

Border Crossings

Arnason displays an impeccable ability to craft tales rich with comedy, mythology and contemporary insight.

Uptown Magazine

Wryly comic, provocative, intelligent … beautifully crafted.

Vancouver Province



There Can Never Be Enough is a humorous, touching, and compelling read...

The Manitoban