Rue the Day by Tanis MacDonaldRue the Day by Tanis MacDonald
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Rue the Day

In Rue The Day, Tanis Macdonald torques time and consciousness to scrutinize "what plagues us/what snaps our heads to/rights and won't let us look/at look over look alive." Written in the voices of a demanding "speaking subject"—a fury with a harpy's vision and a muse's asperity—and the woman writer whom the Fury takes under her terrible wing, Rue the Day is an elegy, an argument about the knowledge, and a conversation about contemporary femininity that shuttles between the frame of form and the long declarative line.

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Advanced Praise

Tanis MacDonald's magpie poetry makes old words into new cloth as it xplores art, relationships, grief, and the connections between them. These poems, full of sense and sound, insist on being heard.

Alison Calder, author of Wolf Tree


Rue the Day offers a profoundly moving exploration of loss precisely because MacDonald is so aware of the pitfalls of easy consolation.

The Malahat Review