Your Friendly Neighbourhood Criminal by Michael Van RooyYour Friendly Neighbourhood Criminal by Michael Van Rooy
ISBN: 9780888013392
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Your Friendly Neighbourhood Criminal

Mary Blue Duck is a human rights activist in Canada and she wants Monty to set-up a route to smuggle refugees into the United States from Canada.

Monty's carefully laid plans quickly go off the rails when he squares-off against local thug, Samantha Richot. Their power struggle rapidly escalates into kidnapping, torture, and a daring and highly explosive stand-off.

Just when Monty thinks he might just have it all under control, his old jailhouse crony, Hershel "Smiley" Wiebe, shows up on his doorstep. Monty is more than suspicious of Smiley's motives, but figures if you should keep old friends close, you should keep old cons even closer.

A gripping and aggressive crime novel, Your Friendly Neighbourhood Criminal, explores how far a man will go to protect his family, home and neighbourhood and asks the question "Can a man do good by doing bad?"

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A superb follow-up to An Ordinary Decent Criminal from the late Canadian author Van Rooy.

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