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Where Shadows Burn

Where Shadows Burn

ISBN: 9780888013347
Author: Catherine Hunter

Award-winning author Catherine Hunter serves up a haunting thriller that will keep you enthralled.

Kelly Quirk's life is coming unravelled...again. Kelly, a young costume designer, was devastated by the suicide of her husband James, a gifted artist, and she is still haunted by his memory. But lately, she's haunted by something more than memory. Disturbing and strange phone calls, the disappearance of her husband's favourite shirt and drawings, fleeting shadows and shapes all chill Kelly to the bone.

When a more earthly danger threatens her beloved nephew, Alex, Kelly is galvanized into action, fleeing with the boy to Minneapolis. Posing as Alex's mother, Kelly takes a job designing costumes on a production of Hamlet. But as she tries to settle into her new life as a fugitive, the lead actor in the production takes more than a passing interest in her, threatening her anonymity.

On the eve of opening night, a series of deadly events begins to unfold, and the past finally catches up with Kelly. She's forced to face her own role in a web of secrets that has entrapped her family -- and now threatens to consume her and everything she cares for.

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