Cover of Starland by Brenda SciberrasCover of Starland by Brenda Sciberras
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Hank Williams, Marilyn Munro, Leonard Cohen, and more inhabit Brenda Sciberras’ new collection of poems, Starland. These heroes of song and screen bring light to our lives, speak the truth of our pain and weave themselves into the very fabric of our culture. However, behind the curtain and beyond the bright lights, these earthbound gods and goddesses exist apart and alone in a world built upon false hope and unfulfilled dreams.

Exultant and reflective, Starland breaks the light of our obsession.

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Advanced Praise

Starland pays tribute to the luminaries and lesser lights that once lit up our cultural galaxy. But, it is also an elegy to stardom’s uncertain trajectory—the often painful and lonely rise to brightness, the short-lived glory and the inevitable dimming and dying of the light. Favourite stars are fondly brought back to life in engaging poems that are free of sentimentality and shot through with memories of youth when novice stargazers first looked up at the star-studded sky.
— Sarah Klassen, Monstrance