in cars by Kimmy Beachin cars by Kimmy Beach
ISBN: 9780888013255
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in Cars

In CR70x13 wide oval radical B/WL tires, in Cars revs up the lives of rural teenagers in western Canada.

As the speakers pound out instantly recognizable hits of the seventies, Beach looks under the hood of female desire. Hands at two and ten o'clock, she investigates our fascination with cars and the way they crash. Wearing her white Sure-Grip high-tops roller skates with Precision Bearing wheels, Kimmy Beach, the seigning poet of popular culture, pops the clutch at the intersection of libido and loss.

Standard features of in Cars include youthful lust and squealing tires, muscle cars and disco balls. Optional extras include style, smarts, and Fancy Ass jeans.

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Advanced Praise

I was pulled into the intense and unstable world of in Cars, a world bound by life at the roller rink and a passion for muscle cars where everything is erotically charged. Kimmy Beach has mapped a moving and sometimes frightening ride, rife with speed, sex, violence, and longing for love, that culminates in death the ultimate teenage rebellion. These poems are sharp with precise knowledge of 1980s gear and cars, and full of the genuine juice and anguish of late adolescence.

Maureen Scott Harris, author of Drowning Lessons