Gimp Crow by Ken KowalGimp Crow by Ken Kowal
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Gimp Crow

Gimp Crow is a fiesty, discontented creature, at one—or at odds—with the hard facts of urban life. Evoking dust-bowl prairie, songs of yearning, and a simple but meaningful life, Kowal captures the wild human heart, trapped in cityscapes and human-constructed mindscapes.

This quirky collection about a crow with a bad leg blooms into a free-flying grace of words as the clumsy bird tears free from his boring prairie life in search of a bigger destiny. Along the way, Gimp Crow collects a magpie from Alberta and a raven from the West Coast, adn learns about love and loss. Though the skies look bluer the farther from home he flies, Gimp Crow has to decide if it's just a matter of perspective.

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Advanced Praise

Ken Kowal's full-length debut Gimp Crow is a left-handed doozer of a prairie picaresque. It's rude, wise, sly, and sad. In pulverized rhyme and crabby free verse, Kowal sketches a tale of the eponymous mangled avian and his gals, his pals, his son. Fall asleep beside Gimp Crow, it'll eat your third eye.

Colin Smith, author of 8 x 8 x 7

Short-listed for the 2011 John Hirsch Award for Most Promising Manitoba Writer