Firewalk by Katherine BitneyFirewalk by Katherine Bitney
ISBN: 9780888014061
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With the power of drum and dance Bitney confronts the discourses of psychology and the arrogant narratives of our modern healing industry. As she strips away the layers of abstraction she probes deeper, documenting the body as it shifts and twists before the primal core is exposed. Firewalk both questions our modern way of living and seeks to rediscover the central nature of humanity.

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...chock-full of shamanistic energy. Bitney's lines crackle, largely due to her well-handled repetitions, which mimic the style and sound of ancient poetry.

Jonathan Ball, Winnipeg Free Press

This is a collection with mythopoeic power, reminiscent of Gwendolyn MacEwen’s The Shadow-Maker.

Gillian Harding-Russell, Prairie Fire Review of Books

Bitney celebrates the crone, the poet, the shaman, the raw edges, fang and claw of the natural world, stripped of dogmas to its heartbeat.

Bill Robertson, Star Phoenix