Stand the Sacred Tree by John WeierStand the Sacred Tree by John Weier
ISBN: 9780888012876
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Stand the Sacred Tree

Shortlisted for The Alexander Kennedy Isbister Award for Non-Fiction

Stand the Sacred Tree isn’t fiction. Nor is it non-fiction. It is about the truth of John Weier’s life as a traveler. It is a book of nature, and birds, and water (or the lack of it), about the joy of life and the sorrow of illness.

It grew out of the questions John explored and the opportunities that were offered as he traveled—to Syria, Holland, Iceland, Denmark, and throughout Canada—and wondered at what, if anything, connects these places and their diverse landscapes and cultures

In his adventures, Weier discovers people who are obsessed with place, with travel; each destination, each trip without exception leading to another. Each new landscape brings new exotic birds and flowers, new friends. Yet everywhere there is always something haunting and familiar.

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