Never Mind by Katherine LawrenceNever Mind by Katherine Lawrence
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Never Mind

In Never Mind, Katherine Lawrence constructs a centuries-old immigrant tale that is fiercely feminist, surprisingly modern and darkly funny. The voice in these exquisite poems is a 19th century woman who straddles both old and new worlds as she navigates her own interior landscape. Observations are wry, intimate, and shot with musicality.

This muscular collection pays tribute to the long poem while extending the tradition with fragments from letters, diary entries, sketches, dialogue, and an ongoing communion with the natural world. “Who knocks?” asks Wife in Never Mind. “Maple leaves reddened with gossip — Come in.”

Advanced Praise

New star in the longpoem sky, Never Mind by Katherine Lawrence gets cunning on page 5 and stays that way, throwing open the shutters of self, family, history, nation. Its language settles toward, while reaching free of a narrative we expect but have not seen in quite this way. Its open forms give but don't give it. We'll be grateful for this book.

Gerald Hill, author of Hillsdale Book

Layered, distrinctive, and adventurous, Katherine Lawrence's Never Mind seems set in the past but vaults into a future poetic. At once ethereal and concrete, her words, through erasure and oblique reference, invite engagement and speculation. They make you mind.

Steven Ross Smith, author of Emanations: Fluttertongue 6

Lyricism and beauty, loss and awe, horror and grief—these poems comprise an unflinching portrait of a woman (and artist) who spends a lifetime asking herself: "What brought me here?"

Patricia Young, author of Night-Eater and An Auto-erotic History of Swings


Lawrence finds a powerful metaphor for her grief in the longings of settler women for their homes of origin and the life and loved ones they once knew. Both her grieving process and the settler woman's experience are englivened and uniquely realized by this mutuality of meaning

Bill Robertson, The StarPhoenix and The Leader-Post

Short-listed for the 2017 Regina Public Library Book of the Year Award

Short-listed for the 2017 City of Saskatoon and Public Library Saskatoon Book Award