Monstrance by Sarah KlassenMonstrance by Sarah Klassen
ISBN: 9780888013927
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Winner of the 2013 Word Award

Monstrance bears witness to the possibility of hope and faith in an uncertain world. These poems unflinchingly acknowledge the devastation of fear and hostility, but they also marvel when “light bounces off the breakfast plates,” or “the sewing-machine-stitch spoor of a pocket mouse appears” in the snow. Sarah Klassen looks past the particularities of the ordinary and reaches for the sacred.

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Advanced Praise

Monstrance is Sarah Klassen’s best book to date. There’s a lot of spiritual resonance here, but it’s not abstract: it’s rooted in a keen sense of the world we live in. The long, rhythmically sophisticated lines have both an intellectual pressure and an emotional weight that illuminates the complex relationships Klassen explores between the familiarities of our prairie experience, and parts of the larger world she has travelled to and recorded with deep sympathy and attention. The subject matter, the range of attention, is ambitious, but carefully honed to a focus that sustains itself page after page.

George Amabile, author of Dancing, with Mirrors


These are carefully written poems...Klassen always impresses with her intelligence as well as her search for understanding.

Uptown—Paper Trails

Klassen has the ability to move from a simple wide-ranging considerations...[her] emotions...condense powerfully in a clear image.

Jonathan Ball, Winnipeg Free Press

The delight of Monstrance is Klassen’s radiant, assured voice, both for its remarkable immediacy and for the poet’s ability to make faith and inner realities relevant in ways that are neither sentimental nor superficial.

Marianne Mays, Herizon

I believe urgent wonder sits as the core of her newest collection.

Becca J. R. Lachman, Mennonite Quarterly Review Vol 88


Winner of the 2013 Word Award

Short-listed for the 2013 McNally Robinson Book of the Year

Short-listed for the 2013 Aqua Books Lansdowne Prize for Poetry