Meteor Storm by Wayne TefsMeteor Storm by Wayne Tefs
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Meteor Storm

In the stories of Meteor Storm, men are brutal and hard, women endure, and children watch helplessly as the men around them fight for survival.
Young men on the verge of losing childhood innocence learn that there is no room for weakness in this unforgiving world, even when stretched to breaking point. Instead, the trapping of guns, brute strength, and hard liquor hide male vulnerability.
A boy watches silently from the doorway in "Tough Love" as his sister provokes his war-veteran father into a violent confrontation. In "Meethooks for Hands" a boy witnesses his uncle's helpless struggle when his wife leaves him for another man.
Master story-teller Wayne Tefs reveals situations where hard-edged men crash into the limits of their power, where their absolute authority is challenged, their self-control shaken, and their manhood threatened.
Meteor Storm is populated with men -- fathers, brothers, uncles -- who struggle with the missteps in their pasts and endure, sometimes with resignation, sometimes with a puzzled and angry dissatisfaction, their present lives.
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These are stories of passion in which the proverbial linkage of sex and violence provides an edge without melodrama as well as a kind of wisdom emerging out of recognition.

Prairie Fire Review

It's about gritty people, not city folk.

Laura Blakely, The Manitoban

The stories also feature sincere, searching narrators, and many well-meaning folks full of decency and love, who are plagued by the same gnawing questions of place and purpose that afflict people everywhere.

Ezra Glinter, Prairie Books NOW