This Side of Bonkers by Laura J. CutlerThis Side of Bonkers by Laura J. Cutler
ISBN: 9780888013118
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Mallory doesn't fit in. Growing up in the small town of Kenwick, Ontario during the late 1960s, Mallory gets taunted for looking like a boy, ostracized for her almost freakish intelligence, and can’t even get comfortable in her own skin.

Making matters worse, Mallory's parents have no comprehension of how intellectually gifted their intense 14-year-old daughter is and her brother Victor is drifting further and further into mental illness. When Mallory falls in with a group of troubled kids at school, the guidance counsellor tells her parents she needs psychiatric help.

Eventually, Mallory's friends fall under the spell of a powerfully charismatic minister named Reverend Randolph Fletcher; a man whose spiritual ideals have gone off the rails. Mallory's involvement in the group will lead her down a path she never thought she'd follow, and will force her to face an ultimate test of her moral courage, while self-perceived forces of darkness and light vie for control of her soul.

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