The Girl With the Full Figure is Your Daughter by Oscar MartensThe Girl With the Full Figure is Your Daughter by Oscar Martens
ISBN: 9780888012722
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Girl with the Full Figure Is Your Daughter, The

Tapping into the voyeuristic human compulsion that attracts us to the dirty little secrets of other peoples' lives, Oscar Martens' stories peel back layers of contemporary society, revealing a sordid underside.

In the title story, the girl with the full figure reveals a poorly kept secret to a family more at ease with denial than healing. Elsewhere in the collection, unexplainable compulsions lead to suspect sexual liasons. Planes crash. Corporate secrets are stolen. A young girl is murdered. It's all here, all told by a formidable talent unafraid to play with narrative form, revealing nuances hidden in the periphery of the text. Oscar Martens' stories are gritty and ceaselessly gripping.

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