The Pumpkin Eaters by Lois BraunThe Pumpkin Eaters by Lois Braun
ISBN: 9780888011480
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Pumpkin Eaters

 The lives of the residents of Lois Braun's fictional village of Silvercreek are at the core of The Pumpkin-Eaters. The old communal identity is fracturing into a bizarre assortment of characters who are interconnected, yet disconnected.

The Pumpkin-Eaters displays Braun's stunning ability to evoke haunting, almost mystical images which recall a vanishing prairie ethos. With a superb eye for detail, Braun records the strange small dramas which inexorably alter so-called ordinary lives and sometimes reveal the disturbing influence of larger, elemental forces.

“Braun’s tales are peopled with characters who, in an instant, turn the world upside down or make a reader stop to contemplate human nature.”

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