ISBN: 9780888012654
Author: Monica Kidd

Monica Kidd's first novel is a character-driven story of the search for relevance in everyone's life.

For the residents of Beatrice, the grain elevator reminds each person of the parts of them that exist in the past, still defining who they are today. For Colleen, an ill-fated teenage romance led her from Thunder Bay to Beatrice some seventeen years ago. Dale, Jr., tries to live up to his father's example after he inherits the family farm. Dolores struggles to keep her life’s losses and disappointments at bay. Perry laments his son, lost to the city, and his wife, whose secret life Perry did not discover until long after her death.

When Farmcorp announces that the grain elevator is slated for demolition, each person must come to terms with the past and develop a new identity—one without roots in what has always been.

Colleen partners with Vlad the Ukrainian baker to open a new restaurant in town. Perry tries to see his wife's dream come to fruition. Everyone in Beatrice tries to keep their small town from fading away.

Monica Kidd's impeccable portrayal of real people facing real challenges makes Beatrice a place for everyone to visit.

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