Driving Blind by Steven BensteadDriving Blind by Steven Benstead
ISBN: 9780888012241
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Driving Blind

Eddie and Leo are a young couple who seem to be drifting through life. Leo works in a doughnut shop and is content to let life sweep her along. Eddie is an aimless hustler who considers himself a businessman.George and Sheila are a successful middle-aged couple who have two daughters. George works in the music industry and Sheila owns and operates a bookstore.

When Sheila and Leo strike up a friendship, the bond within each couple begins to unravel. George's suspicions about his wife's intentions lead him into blinding rages. Eddie takes advantage of the situation by trying to get George to invest in one of his shaky business propositions. Eddie, Leo, George, and Sheila eventually find themselves caught up in an explosive state of affairs: a seemingly stable family is on the brink of destruciton while the life of a young woman changes drastically as her perceptions of love evolve.

Driving Blind is a study of the dynamics among four diverse people who come together and irrevocably change each other's lives. Benstead deftly conveys both the randomness and cyclical nature of everyday life as the book works its way to a surpising climax.

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