Blind Crescent by Michelle BerryBlind Crescent by Michelle Berry
ISBN: 9780888014412
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Blind Crescent


In this fictitious slice of suburban life, Michelle Berry peels back the pretentions of manicured lawns and the rictus smiles of “friendly” neighbours. With a deft hand, she paints a picture of suburbia so absurdly real that every suburbanite reader can’t help but feel strangely at home.

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Advanced Praise

Blind Crescent depicts dysfunctional suburbanites who are both disturbingly familiar and surreal, as fantastic as the inhabitants of the film Edward Scissorhands, as twisted as the neighbours we all live among.

Antanas Sileika, author of Woman in Bronze

Berry's prose has an austere, bleached quality, as if all extraneous material has been sizzled away. What's left is deadpan and allusive and often pretty damned funny.

The Globe and Mail

In Berry's hands, ordinary circumstances are rendered as extraordinary, unsettling events and the reader must be aware.

Toronto Star