Beavers Eh to Bea by Lil AndersonBeavers Eh to Bea by Lil Anderson
ISBN: 9780888012494
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Beavers Eh to Bea

Beavers Eh to Bea is the story of Lil Anderson, a well known scientist in the Lake of the Woods area, as she cares for, and falls in love with, an orphaned beaver named Eh. Two years of work, adventure, fun and sorrow see Eh through to beaver adulthood and eventual release.

Through Lil and Eh's journey we also meet Bea (beaver kit B), Chucksey (baby woodchuck C), Beeper (a buck fawn), and Cephie (an eaglet). Lil does not do her work alone and many of her wards require the expert hand of sympathetic local vets and like-minded wildlife organizations.

Readers will enjoy the heart-warming story of Eh's life, full of trials and triumphs, but they will also get a first-hand look at the ways of Canadian wildlife.

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