Beautiful Girl Thumb by Melissa SteeleBeautiful Girl Thumb by Melissa Steele
ISBN: 9780888013187
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Beautiful Girl Thumb

Winner of the 2007 Margaret Laurence Award for Fiction

Melissa Steel's characters are looking for love, but they're willing to settle. They don't dare to feel flat-out greed or lust or hate. Instead they wander around, repeating the mantra "everything is okay." It isn't.

These brutally funny stories provide valuable advice on destroying friendships, flirting with your marriage counsellor, cheating at Diplomacy, dumping your boyfriend via Call Waiting, and enrolling your children in the right elementary school programme.

Steele spoons up bitter medicine for modern life and burns away the veneer of everyday politeness.

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It delivers one of the most satisfying experiences a work of literary fiction can promise: greater understanding--of how people think, of how they see the world, and how they naviagte its many perils and surprises.

Joe Paraskevas, painfully insightful it's hilarious.

Catherine Hunter, Winnipeg Free Press


Winner of the 2007 Margaret Laurence Award for Fiction

Short-listed for the 2007 Carol Shields Winnipeg Book Award

Short-listed for the 2007 McNally Robinson Book of the Year Award