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Stealing John Hancock

by H&A Christensen

Who are you really?

Heart's Hydrography

by Sally Ito

Charting the vital ebb and flow between the personal and the divine.

Seas Move Away

by Joanne Leow

Don’t just stand at the edge of this multiplicity—swim in with your strongest strokes.


by Sarah Ens

This book is a triumph for any time, but savor it now, as power and grace in a troubled world.

Black Umbrella

by Katherine Lawrence.

Black Umbrella is an extraordinary collection, rich and indelible.

The Best of the Bonnet

by Andrew Unger

It’s fantastic, it’s hilarious … The Daily Bonnet is so funny!
—Miriam Toews

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What You Get at Home

What You Get at Home

ISBN: 9780888014047

Full of longing and melancholy, the stories in What You Get at Home find comfort and understanding in the unlikeliest of places. In “The Rocking Chair,” a piece of furniture simultaneously divides a family and heals old wounds. In a small pool of light and her favourite book the narrator in the title story finds a sense of belonging and purpose. In “Chopsticks,” a piano in a personal care home reminds a woman of the sense of wonder and admiration she had for her father as a child. With the power of memory the characters that inhabit What You Get at Home find the strength to carry on when life is at its most challenging.

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My Studio: Andrew Unger

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Behind the Page: Stealing John Hancock

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In the Works: Science Fiction by Don Miasek

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My Studio: Sarah Ens

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