Front Cover of The Eye of the BeholderFront Cover of The Eye of the Beholder
Front Cover of The Eye of the BeholderFront Cover of The Eye of the Beholder
ISBN: 9780888016492
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Eye of the Beholder, The

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A honeymoon trip with Randy Craig. What could go wrong?

Randy and Steve have finally tied the knot and head south to Puerto Vallarta to celebrate. Unfortunately, Randy’s romantic beach walks and candlelit dinners are put on hold when a fellow traveller is found dead. Instead, Randy and Steve have to find meaning in the murder to catch the culprit. If they don’t, the honeymoon just might be over.

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Advanced Praise

A smart, sophisticated, and engrossing murder mystery told with lavish details and an appealing dry wit. Randy Craig is the character you want to invite to your next dinner party. Her amateur sleuthing is peppered with smart cultural references and her humour keeps the narration flowing. She’ll bring Steve, of course.
The honeymooning couple’s banter is both warm and mature, providing a sharp contrast to the murders and the dangerously clever climax.

—Carmen Amato, author of the Detective Emilia Cruz series


MacDonald is clever in creating a murder acene with symbols, clues, that are obscure but not too obscure for an intelligent sleuth using her skills to unravel them. I thought it brilliant how MacDonald uses Randy’s talents as an academic researcher in literature to study and research and reflect in the investigation.

Bill Selnes