Submitting your work to Turnstone Press

Turnstone Press is a literary publisher, not a general publisher, and therefore we are only interested in literary fiction, literary non-fiction—including literary criticism—and poetry. We do publish literary mysteries, thrillers, noir, speculative fiction, and fantasy under our Ravenstone imprintRavenstone imprint.

We publish only Canadian authors or landed immigrants and strive to publish a significant number of new writers, to publish in a variety of genres, and to have 50 per cent of each year's list be Manitoba writers and/or books with Manitoba content.

We publish eight to twelve books each year in short print runs. If a book sells well, we reprint as necessary.

Our books cover a range of subjects and styles, so if you are interested in submitting to us, we recommend you:

Manuscript Submission Requirements

Please read to the end of this section before submitting your work to Turnstone Press.

Remember that submitting a manuscript to a book publisher is a professional correspondence. We create guidelines to make our expectations clear and to help us handle your submission.

We understand how daunting finding a publisher to submit your manuscript to can be. Therefore, we have an open submissions policy. This means we will review unsolicited complete manuscripts. However, submissions of this kind must be exclusive submissions.

For other submissions, we prefer exclusivity, but if it is a multiple submission, please tell us in your cover letter. If your manuscript is being seriously considered for publication, we will require a period of exclusivity before continuing to assess it.

Turnstone is not an insurer of manuscripts. Therefore do not send your original manuscript, send only a copy; and do not send irreplaceable photographs, maps, or other documents.

We apologize that we are unable to: 1) provide detailed feedback on all the manuscripts we receive; or 2) respond to questions about these submission guidelines.

Grooming your submission

For all submissions:

For fiction and non-fiction:

For Poetry:


We take your submission seriously (your writing may be exactly what we are looking for), but please understand that given the volume of submissions we receive and the demands of actually turning accepted manuscripts into books, delays do happen.

Our goal is to send you an initial response to your submission within 16 weeks. Sometimes we are faster. Sometimes we are slower. If you are concerned about the status of your submission, send us a short note by mail. Please don’t phone, fax, or email us about your submission.

If your manuscript is being seriously considered for publication you will be notified, but a final decision on whether or not to publish may take an additional 2 to 3 months.

We plan our publication schedule approximately 15 to 18 months in advance, so the time from submission to publication is usually at least two years.

Please address your submission to:

Submissions Assistant
Turnstone Press
Artspace Building
206-100 Arthur Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada R3B 1H3