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The Real Steal


Bandit: A Portrait of Ken Leishman

Bandit: A Portrait of Ken Leishman

In the spring of 1966 Ken Leishman stepped onto the tarmac of the Winnipeg Airport and into the pages of Canadian history. By then, the mastermind behind the country’s largest gold heist had already gained Dillingeresque notoriety as a gentlemanly bank robber. Toronto headlines had spread the news about the brazen and polite ‘Flying Bandit’. This time, he almost got away. Almost.

In Bandit: A Portrait of Ken Leishman, Wayne Tefs imagines what happened behind the headlines, intertwining the full-on action of Leishman’s exploits with the story of a smart but troubled kid growing up in a small and stifling prairie town.

As a married man and father of seven, Leishman dreams of greatness, and a good life for his family. Even as he plots the greatest caper in Canadian history, he is ridden with guilt over his failed promises to go straight. In this fictionalized version of a tremendous true story, readers will be hard-pressed to judge the life of this Canadian folk hero who dared to fly far out of bounds.

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The Bootlegger's Confession

It’s 1922 and business is booming for Saul and Lou Sugarman—thanks to prohibition. But business gets personal when the Sugarmans’ brother-in-law ends up dead. Looking for answers, private detective Sam Klein is called in to investigate. 

What appears to be nothing more than a deal-gone-bad quickly spirals out of control to threaten Sam’s own family. How can Sam prevent his loved ones from becoming enmeshed in a bootlegger turf war that’s bigger than even he can imagine?

Once Removed

An Ordinary Decent Criminal

Montgomery “Monty” Haaviko has done the crimes—robbery, assault, embezzlement, arson, smuggling, attempted murder—and has lived the criminal lifestyle, where nothing is permanent. Crime may look easy, but a career criminal can’t even follow a TV series. For Monty the endless danger and fear, along with a hard-to-kick drug habit, became too much. Now, all he wants to do is settle down in a quiet Winnipeg neighbourhood with his wife, his baby son, his dog, and his pet mouse, and try something new: an honest job and life as an ordinary decent citizen.

But going straight is hard, even for a guy who was an ordinary decent criminal. And it gets harder. When Monty ends up with three dead break-and-enter artists in his living room, he discovers there are those who won’t let him forget his past. Detective Sergeant Enzio Walsh knows all about Monty’s criminal history and thinks he’ll be the one to put Monty away for good. And then there’s Jean Robillard, a minor crime boss and uncle of one of the dead men on Monty’s floor. He’ll settle for nothing less than Monty’s body on a slab.

Fortunately for Monty, he doesn’t have to face his nemeses alone. His wife, Claire, at one time a hairbreadth from leaving him for good, is standing by him. And he has plenty of tricks, scams, and schemes he can use to clear his name and save his life.