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Still Me: A Golf Tragedy in 18 Parts

Golf is the only way I know to control time. It happens in the millisecond of that focused backswing, right before the violence of intention.

When I escape time, I escape memory. In that way, golf is an alchemy. A magick. I am a practicing magician.

When James Khoury discovers that his prized golf memorabilia from some of Canada's best golf courses has been destroyed, he journeys back through memories of being on the fairway, his struggles with gnawing ineptitude, and a troubled relationship with his wife and son.

Slowly, his memory precipitates to reveal something deeper at work, and James finds himself in the midst of a game where the stakes couldn’t be higher.

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Advanced Praise

Jeff has crafted a wonderful story and golf journey across Canada which will appeal to all golfers and sports enthusiasts. His narrative perfectly captures the emotions and love for the game of golf.

—Thomas McBroom

In Still Me, Jeffrey John Eyamie eloquently tells a story of a golfer who comes to understand how the game can be a foundation for all the highs and lows that we face in life. Played out on some of Canada’s greatest courses, it is captivating in its honesty, intriguing with its characters and written with passion.

—Bob Weeks