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Reviewers praise Thunder Road for its "Rich" use of mythology and local setting

Chadwick Ginther's Thunder Road was recently reviewed by the SF Signal and blogger Lindsay KitsonLindsay Kitson. Paul Weimer of the SF Signal SF Signal marvels at the novel's use of location and protagonist, writing that Ginther "uses the Canadian setting, urban and back-country, to his advantage, bringing Manitoba and all of its aspects to vivid life," and that the authors choice to write "a relatively ordinary, blue-collar guy as a protagonist was absolutely refreshing."

"I put down Mockingjay to read this one," claims blogger and online book reviewer Lindsay Kitson, who was impressed by the Ginther's clearly extensive research: "I probably don’t know enough about Norse mythology to truly appreciate the amount of research the author’s done – the worldbuilding is rich with it. But at the same time, it’s modernized. The characters of myth have adapted to the modern world."

Read the full reviews here: http://lindsaykitson.com/2013/07/10/book-review-thunder-road/http://lindsaykitson.com/2013/07/10/book-review-thunder-road/

And here: http://www.sfsignal.com/archives/2013/07/book-review-thunder-road-by-chadwick-ginther/

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Laurie Greenwood reviews Condemned to Repeat on CBC Radio Active

Book reviewer Laurie Greenwood stopped by CBC Radio Active on Tuesday, October 29, 2013 to talk books with host Portia Clark. She raved about Condemned to Repeat by Janice MacDonald, calling it "so much fun" and "a great mystery book, you have to keep turning the pages." She also referred to the Randy Craig Mystery series as "wonderful" and credited MacDonald with helping to put Edmonton and Alberta on the literary map. Running time is 3:18.

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Dreaming About Other Worlds reviews Food for the Gods by Karen Dudley

Dreaming About Other Worlds, a blog by Aaron Pound, offers a thorough and insightful review of Food for the Gods by Karen Dudley: "By combining the tawdry reality of Athens, where purging the taint of a murder within one's house would be done by first feeding and then beating a homeless bystander until they fled the city limits, with the mythical version of Greek religion, in which a collection of winged demons would show up and randomly wreck havoc upon the populace of the city in retaliation for a murder while the gods stood by and neither knew nor cared to know who the actual guilty party was, Dudley manages to paint a picture of how very different the world was much more vividly than she could have if she had drawn upon only one or the other." The reviewer concludes that "Food for the Gods is, quite simply, an excellent book in every possible way." Read the full review hereRead the full review here.

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