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Feeling the Love


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Yams do not exist

Farinata Feck, a poet of mixed heritage, is a man of many appetites; yet he is most consumed by the search to find his romantic ideal. Yo-yoing between Regina and Winnipeg, Farinata crosses paths with colonial ghosts, cosplay enthusiasts, a Faulknerian gossip, a rogue tree-cop, and a sweet potato activist. With equal parts playfulness and decadence, Garry Thomas Morse renders the Beckettish adventures of the lovelorn libertine with hypnotic surrealism. A dizzying display of literary opulence and allusion, Yams Do Not Exist finds footholds in Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, footnoting a twisting, prairie roadmap to romance, by turns hellish and sublime.

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Six Weeks

Life is full of those moments, good and bad, that define you, make you whole, and provide direction to your journey. Richard Scarsbrooks brilliant debut collection of poetry, Six Weeks, uncovers the moments that we keep hidden deep inside, that steer us through the currents and eddies of the everyday and make us who we are.

Once Removed

Donut Shop Lovers

Melissa Steele explores modern love and its implications of fear, lonliness and complacency. Divided into two parts: the first is a series of connected short stories chronicaling a family's breakup while the second part is a group of stories exhibiting the random chance and conscientious design behind the involvement of two people who will inevitably end up alone.

An unflinching look at modern love. A strong new voice in Canadian literature.