If There Were Roads by Joanna LilleyIf There Were Roads by Joanna Lilley
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If There Were Roads


Guided by the geography of land and mind, the familiar and the unknown converge in If There Were Roads by Joanna Lilley..Pulled like the tide between the sea and the shore, If There Were Roads drives toward new vistas while reflecting on what has been lost in the process of moving forward. Lilley's poems explore the paths we take from here to there when there are no roads to guide us.


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Advanced Praise

Joanna Lilley claims in her poem “Two Ghosts” that “it wasn’t supposed to be about the people,” yet that is exactly what If There Were Roads is about—people and what they do to the bodies of animals; people on journeys accompanied by ghosts, and myth, and crows; people both lost and at home. Lilley’s journey takes us into the cycles of the seasons where certainty exists only in acute observation and reflection. If There Were Roads is haunting and luscious, full of place and heart.

Micheline Maylor, Little Wildheart

Poems of place and displacement, of leaving home and finding home, move seamlessly through inner and outer landscapes in Lilley’s lively, evocative collection. Arresting and captivating, If There Were Roads is poetry brimming with new ways of seeing.

Catherine Graham, The Celery Forest


The poems in this collection are largely a meditation on place: the places we’ve come from, the places we’ve been, the places we are now... [Lilley] has a way of taking ordinary moments and making them into something special, so that I begin to look at my own ordinary moments differently.

Tara Borin, Tara Borin Writes

There is a haunting, to come after, feeling to these poems.  A knowing, that once read, you'll want to travel this road again.

Michael Dennis, Today's Book of Poetry