A Road Map for Finding Wild Horses

[E]xactly what the world needs right now â€”Shawna Lemay

ISBN 9780888017802

Pale Grey Dot

The thrilling sci-fi debut novel from pillar of the Toronto science fiction community, Don Miasek.

ISBN 9780888017772

Twistical Nature of Spoons, the

A chance encounter. A family secret. Lives bound together and torn apart.

ISBN 9780888017710


A bold new vision of a world on the edge of disaster.

ISBN 9780888017741

Knife on Snow

Alice Major's powerful new collection considers humanity's reckoning in a time of tremendous upheaval.

ISBN 9780888017680

Stealing John Hancock

Stealing John Hancock bursts from the first page like a horse at the gate and never stops running.

ISBN 9780888017628