Why Isn't Everybody Dancing by Maara HaasWhy Isn't Everybody Dancing by Maara Haas
ISBN: 9780888011466
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Why Isn't Everybody Dancing?

Renowned storyteller Maara Haas gives bittersweet voice to a mystical pilgrimage in search of her daughter, Lani, and to the barrier of grief which hampers her journey. An encounter with an ancient slave wall on a tropical island becomes a cultural confrontation with all forms of bondage, all the "walls of grief," which are imposed by society: love, hate, power-lust, the sale of slaves, the persecution of witches. In a dance with the slave wall dead, Maara Haas mourns universal loss with merciless, sun-drenched clarity and affirms life in words which wreathe the senses like the perfume of oleander blossoms after a torrential rain.

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