The Sewing Room by Carla FunkThe Sewing Room by Carla Funk
ISBN: 9780888013200
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Sewing Room, The

In The Sewing Room Carla Funk reveals deftly observed insights into childhood and time, matrimony and spirituality, representation and recollection.

Funk explores issues of faith and belief as she re-imagines Samson and Delilah as Ricky and Lucy of I Love Lucy fame. Gluttony is last in the seven deadly sins foot race, huffing and puffing, but it is not for lack of trying.

Other poems offer a more personal point of view with assured and tender love poems. Funk writes from experience of marriage and domesticity, and of the ways in which a relationship shapes the person one becomes.

A series of poems is drawn from family reminiscence. Children play flashlight tag, a father builds his daughter a tree house, a mother makes a blue velvet Christmas dress: this is poetry created from memory's ragbag.

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Much of the book is about growing up and learning to go ut into the world. the poems are rooted strongly in family. Grandfather, father, mother, even neighbouts are part of the textured life she depicts.

Heidi Greco, Prairie Fire Review