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The Mossbank Canon by E.F. Dyck
Mossbank Canon

Sixty-four poems deliniate the parallel lives of Mao Tse Tung, founder of...

Pastoral Madness by Ed Upward
Pastoral Madness

In Pastoral Madness, Ed Upward takes a mirror and holds it up to his life and to the...

Dying by Degrees by Eileen Coughlan
Dying by Degrees

After the annual graduate Christmas party, Emily's friend and lab partner, Beth Wong,...

Fresh Blood edited by Eric Henderson and Madeline Sonik
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Fresh Blood

Canadian Gothic? From the land of the polite and the national obsession with curling? You...

The Louis Riel Organ & Piano Co. by Frank Davey
Louis Riel Organ & Piano Co.

A rambunctious long poem about North American myths, the West and the Canadian psyche,...

Waiting for Saskatchewan by Fred Wah
Waiting For Saskatchewan

Wah interprets memory—a journey to China and Japan, his father’s experience as a Chinese...

The Ever Expanding Universe by Garth Duncan
Ever Expanding Universe

Hilarious characters share dreams, disasters and loves in these unusual and frank poems.

Girl By the Water by Gary Geddes
Girl by the Water

With Girl by the Water, award-winning poet Gary Geddes brings together a collage of...

The Look-Out Tower by Geoffrey Ursell
Look Out Tower

The ordinary becomes charged with occult power; Ursell's poems hold up deceptively...

The Burden of Snow by Heather MacLeod
Burden of Snow, The

What makes us who we are? Genealogy? Geography? Experience? In this collection of poems,...

Grasshopper by Helen Hawley

Grasshopper is a haunting reflection of the distance we have travelled from our initial...

Elizabeth Went West by Jan Horner
Elizabeth Went West

Nominated for the McNally Robinson Book of the Year Award (Manitoba Writing and...