The Finger's Twist by Lee LamotheThe Finger's Twist by Lee Lamothe
ISBN: 9780888013477
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The Finger's Twist

Charlie Tate, muscle-bound unlicensed PI and failed investigative journalist, has always been from the wrong side of the tracks. Elodie Gray, poised and blonde blue-blood, is his super sleuth, wheelchair-bound wife. Together, they are an unstoppable, no nonsense crime-fighting team who thrive on bringing down wealthy drips trying to get away with murder—literally.
As Charlie and Elodie go about their business of recovering clients' money from crooks, young protestors wage war on the provinvial legislature. When the teen sister of Elodie's wealthy family friends is arrested for planting a bomb, Elodie is compelled to help. Charlie resists joining the fray until his own daughters are arrested and he's forced to dive into the action. 
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[The Finger’s Twist] is a first-rate crime novel that makes you question who the bad guys really are. And it introduces a pair of memorable characters I want to read about again.


Genre-busting in the extreme, The Finger's Twist is a love story, a character study, a wheel-within-wheels whodunit, a social commentary, a political treatise...but, beyond that, it’s bang-up storytelling....No higher praise possible, except maybe this: Once finished, you may be tempted to read it again. Indulge.

Winnipeg Free Press

Toronto writer Lee Lamothe has constructed a wonderful noir thriller....Beautifully written.

The Globe and Mail

This is a quirky little thriller, with plenty of action, a clipped pace and a proper maelstrom of "whodunnit" cloak-and-dagger storytelling. The dialogue is excellent, filled with rogues' cant and street slang that makes you scramble to keep up.

Ryan Suche, The Uniter

Short-listed for the 2009 Arthur Ellis Award for Best Crime Novel