Speculative Fiction

Divine Realms edited by Susan MacGregor
Divine Realms

Divine Realms explores faith, God and the universe in a speculative vein, with a...

Thunder Road by Chadwick Ginther
Thunder Road

Winner of the 2013 Mary Scorer Award for Best Book by a Manitoba Publisher and the 2013...

Tombstone Blues by Chadwick Ginther
Tombstone Blues

After beating back the might of Surtur, Ted Callan is getting used to his immortal...

Kraken Bake by Karen Dudley
Kraken Bake

It’s a great day for Greece when Perseus defeats the dreaded kraken. But victory begins...

Too Far Gone by Chadwick Ginther
Too Far Gone

Ted Callan, war herald of the Nine Worlds, must build a cage from Surtur's bones,...