The Roar of the Crowd by Janice MacDonaldThe Roar of the Crowd by Janice MacDonald
ISBN: 9780888014702
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Roar of the Crowd, The

Wherever Randy Craig goes, trouble seems to follow. With the help of her friend Denise, Randy has landed a summer job with a high school theatre program linked to the FreeWill Shakespeare Festival.  But when a local actor shows up dead and Denise is the prime suspect, Randy has to find to a way to solve the mystery while surrounded with suspects who have no trouble lying to her face.

The Roar of the Crowd by Janice MacDonald is the sixth installment in the wildly popular Randy Craig mystery series set in Edmonton, Alberta.


The Roar of the Crowd is a terrific little mystery.

Winnipeg Free Press

The Randy Craig books are like tourist guides wrapped in wonderfully written mystery stories. They'll make you want to go to Edmonton and experience the vibrant cultural scene and explore the beautiful river valley.

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