ISBN: 9780888013033
Author: David Annandale

Jen Blaylock, David Annandale's Canadian-Forces-soldier-gone-rogue, is back with a new globe spanning mission, a bigger arsenal and another head-spinning body count. When Blaylock discovers that the New York mob is paying crooked cops and anarchists to cause disturbances at an Ottawa anti-globalization rally, she sees a chance to rev up her war machine once again, and heads for the Big Apple.

There she reunites with would-be lover and reluctant Integrated Security employee Mike Flanagan, who is troubled by InSec's quick recovery from the death of CEO Arthur Pembroke, and by his growing feelings for the ultra-violent Jen.

As Blaylock wages a one-woman war on the Mafia, Flanagan sniffs out a troubling connection between InSec and a Russian transnational called Korunkopia. While the ill-fated duo connect the dots to a conspiracy that threatens America's highest office and the global economy, Annandale leads readers on a globe-spanning chase that takes Blaylock from her hometown of Winnipeg to a white-hot, operatically destructive climax near Geneva.

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