She Walks for Days Inside a Thousand Eyes by Sharron Proulx-TurnerShe Walks for Days Inside a Thousand Eyes by Sharron Proulx-Turner
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she walks for days inside a thousand eyes

Regarded with both wonder and fear when first encountered by the West, First Nations women living with masculine and feminine principles in the same body had important roles to play in society, as healers and visionaries, before they were suppressed during the colonial invasion.

she walks for days inside a thousand eye (a two-spirit story) creatively juxtaposes first-person narratives and traditional stories with the voices of contemporary two-spirit women, voices taken from nature, and the teachings of Water, Air, Fire and Mother Earth. The author restores the reputation of two-spirit woman that had been long under attack from Western culture as she re-appropriates the lives of these individuals from the writings of Western anthropologists and missionaries.

Sharron Proulx-Turner creates a new kind of epic as she bears witness to the past. With gracious concern for tradition, and sly, soaring language, she retells a vital chapter from Canada's First Nations story.

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Advanced Praise

Sharron Proulx-Turner shakes the world around, through the teachings of Trikster and the origin of laughter, sung by teh winged tip of blue black feather. An important contribution to the Canadian and Aboriginal literary canons, she walks for days inside a thousand eyes is a testament to the traditional and sacred role two-spirit persons hold within the Metisse and Indigenous worldviews.

Connie Fife, author of Poems for a New World