Where Calling Birds Gather by John WeierWhere Calling Birds Gather by John Weier
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Where Calling Birds Gather

Where Calling Birds Gather is a poetic journey spanning continents. From the Canadian Prairies readers are whisked away to Australia and Ethiopia in search of exotic birds. Like the migrational patterns of the narrator’s quarry, the poems criss-cross and overlap; they are pulled across the land as they search for new tastes, smells, lives, and loves. And as hyenas cackle in the night and cassowaries peck at the side of the road, the memory of the open prairie calls. When readers finally “tack” for home, they have only to wait until the next migration.

From the Author
Birds have played a variety of roles in poetic tradition. Think of the work of Emily Dickinson, Mary Oliver, or Don McKay. Birds are rich in metaphor. They are symbols of beauty and harbingers of the seasons. We wonder at their ability to travel thousands of miles—without map or compass—and still find the nest they inhabited a year before. Yet, they live here beside us, on our streets, in our yards, and we fail to notice them.
Since 1995, much of my writing skirts the frontier between the world of humans and the world of birds. Where Calling Birds Gather explores the questions that arise at the meeting place of bird and human citizen.

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