Why Isn't Everybody Dancing by Maara Haas
Why Isn't Everybody Dancing?

Renowned storyteller Maara Haas gives bittersweet voice to a mystical pilgrimage in...

Walking Through Fire by Maggie Helwig
Walking Through Fire

In the fifteenth century, a tide of witch-hunts swept through Germany with unparalleled...

Bush Camp by Marvin Francis
Bush Camp

A dynamic poetry collection of dry wit and powerful commentary, bush camp features a...

city treaty by Marvin Francis
city treaty

Marvin Francis's long poem, city treaty, is nasty, rude, sneaky, cranky, smart, truthful...

Fear Not by Maurice Mierau
Fear Not

Winner of the 2009 Relit Award for Poetry Inspired by the Gideon Bible's list of...

A Fine Grammar of Bones by Meira Cook
Fine Grammar of Bones

The poems in A Fine Grammar of Bones are haunting and often poignant incantations. Méira...

Pas de Deux by Nina Berkhout
Pas de Deux

While dancing two roles in a new version of Camelot, the dancer suffers a break with...

Travelling the Floodwaters by Patricia Young
Travelling the Floodwaters

When a woman denies the existence of the rainbow yet risks her life smuggling prisms over...

Blasphemer's Wheel by Patrick Friesen
Blasphemer's Wheel

A representative collection of Patrick Friesen’s work to date, Blasphemer’s Wheel...