Running with the Caribou by Pete SarsfieldRunning with the Caribou by Pete Sarsfield
ISBN: 9780888012159
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Running With The Caribou

Pete Sarsfield paints his stories in the words of a true traveler, who lives exactly where he is at the moment. As a community physician in remote and northern areas for almost 25 years, Sarsfield looks at the people and the landscape of his world with an insight that borders on the poetic.

A boat ride off the east coast of Canada becomes an almost supernatural experience when Sarsfield finds himself surrounded by hundreds of translucent jellyfish. The need to make an important snowmobile journey takes on life or death urgency when a blizzard hits unexpectedly. An encounter with a dying fox in a leg-hold trap punctuates the harsh Northern landscape. Throughout his travels, Sarsfield reveals the truth of the journey with humour and insight.

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