Island of the Human Heart by Laurie Gough
Island of the Human Heart

Thomas Cook/Daily Telegraph Travel Book Award FinalistForeword Magazine’s Silver Medal...

Beavers Eh to Bea by Lil Anderson
Beavers Eh to Bea

Beavers Eh to Bea is the story of Lil Anderson, a well known scientist in the Lake of the...

Ordinary Magic by Meeka Walsh
Ordinary Magic

Award-winning writer Meeka Walsh kept these journals while travelling - in Israel, Rome...

The Poetics of Desire by Nadine McInnis
Poetics of Desire

In this study of Dorothy Livesay’s love poetry, Nadine McInnis focuses on Livesay’s...

Body Inc. edited by Pamela Banting
Body, Inc.

Body, Inc. develops a theory of translation poetics, a poetics radically different from...

Running with the Caribou by Pete Sarsfield
Running With The Caribou

Pete Sarsfield paints his stories in the words of a true traveler, who lives exactly...

Chinese Brushstrokes by Sandra Hutchison
Chinese Brushstrokes

In the autumn of 1998, nine months before the Tiananmen Uprising, Sandra Hutchison...

20 Years of Multiculturalism edited by Stella Hryniuk
Twenty Years of Multiculturalism

How does one measure ethnicity? What are the costs and benefits of multiculturalism?...

Northern Exposure by Tom Thompson
Northern Exposures

In Northern Exposures we have attempted to represent the sentiment, “true north strong...

Rollercoaster by Wayne Tefs
Rollercoaster: A Cancer Journey

Shortlisted for the Alexander Kennedy Isbister Award for Non-FictionShortlisted for the...

Pond Memories by Lil Anderson
Pond Memories

Heartwarming tales of triumph and tears fill the pages of Pond Memories, Lil...

a/long Prairie Lines edited Daniel Lenoski
a/long prairie lines

The prairie long-poem has, for many decades, survived at the nexus of poetic tradition of...

Pale Blue hope by Ronald Poulton
Pale Blue Hope: Death and Life in Asian...

Human rights lawyer Ronald Poulton has experienced working for the United Nations first...