Mike Grandmaison's Prairie and BeyondMike Grandmaison's Prairie and Beyond
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Mike Grandmaison's Prairie and Beyond

Winner of the 2012 PIA Certificate of Merit in the Art Books Category

Still and stunning, wild and challenging, the Canadian Prairie is breathtaking to behold. A place notorious for hardship and subsistence survival, the Prairie yields its beauty to the patient watcher. From birds soaring over wetlands, to wildlife grazing across rolling grasslands, Grandmaison’s trained eye misses nothing to bring the prairie to life in this remarkable volume.

Advanced Praise

Mike Grandmaison's passionate quest to capture the essence of this great land and his tireless effort to create meaningful, relevant images lasting beauty have resulted in a truly remarkable, award-winning body of work. Many share my view that his intimate portraits of the natural world and exquisite landscapes are unexelled, and I am delighted that he has "turned his lens" to the prairies in this collector's volume. 

The fine gallery of light-filled imagery you'll discover herein reflect Mike's exceptional eye and uncanny ability to unearth the photogenic in the "here and now"—he finds resonance and beauty in what many would pass by as being commonplace, and he brings a singular viewpoint to his work that is born of intuition, an innate humility, deep respect for the natural world, and an undying attitude of discovery.

Robert L. Peters, CGD, FGDC, Principal, Circle Design Incorperated


Award-winning Winnipeg photographer Mike Grandmaison has a reputation for breathtaking, painterly images of the natural world. His fifth book, Mike Grandmaison's Prairie and Beyond [is] a collection of striking landscape photos of the three Prairie provinces, ranging from desert dunes to the Northern Lights.

Alison Mayes, Winnipeg Free Press

[These] pictures communicate the vision of an extraordinary photographer....Grandmaison's achievement here is to show the diversity of living systems on the prairie and, with a starkness hard to achieve, the vital interconnection between each.

Prairies North Magazine


Winner of the 2012 PIA Certificate of Merit in the Art Books Category

Short-listed for the 2013 Best Illustrated Book of the Year Award

Short-listed for the 2013 Mary Scorer Award for Best Book by a Manitoba Publisher

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