My Sister, Esther by Martha BaillieMy Sister, Esther by Martha Baillie
ISBN: 9780888012005
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My Sister, Esther

A beautifully written, compelling portrayal of the secret relationships which bind together the Maclaren family. Muriel is independent, travelling to Paris and China, living on her own, but unable to maintain a relationship with a man. her sister Esther is fragile, dependent, and self destructive, needing extensive treatment for anorexia nervosa, and attempting suicide before finally achieving balance in her life.

Despite Muriel's overseas travelling and Esther's struggle with her own personal demons, the sisters remain linked through their letters, dreams and desires, always questioning and exploring the reasons why they are so different from each other. Martha Baillie's subtle prose reveals the hidden mysteries of the Maclaren family - the secret events in the lives of two sisters which form their separate identities, making them who they are.

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