Mennonite Literature

Monstrance by Sarah Klassen

Winner of the 2013 Word Award Monstrance bears witness to the possibility of hope and...

What You Get at Home by Dora Dueck
What You Get at Home

In “The Rocking Chair” a piece of furniture simultaneously divides a family and heals...

Where Calling Birds Gather by John Weier
Where Calling Birds Gather

Where Calling Birds Gather is a poetic journey spanning continents. From the Canadian...

The Wittenbergs by Sarah Klassen
Wittenbergs, The

Winner of the 2013 Margaret McWilliams Award for Popular History Alice has given birth...

Cutthroats & other Poems

Beautiful and eternal. The cutthroat rises to the fly from the depths of the river for...

Eigenheim by Joanne Epp

Joanne Epp, in her first collection of poetry, Eigenheim, shapes and reshapes the...

Armin's Shorts by Armin Wiebe
Armin's Shorts

Showcasing a selection of stories from Armin Wiebe's 30 year writing career, Armin's...

Grandmother, Laughing by Armin Wiebe
Grandmother, Laughing

Until she met Obrum Kehler, serious Sarah Sudermann had never laughed. Her mother said...

Glitter and fall by Di Brandt
Glitter & fall

In this unusual collection, poet Di Brandt combines inter-continental transportation,...