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What birds can only whisper

What birds can only whisper

ISBN: 9780888012142
Author: Julie Brickman

Kendra Quillan is the leader of Survivors, a feminist/dyke band in Toronto poised for big-time success. Her Ice Maiden mystique and guitar savvy are central to the band's success and her own persona, but her world begins to shatter when she wakes up beside the first lover and wants to kill him.Although the rest of the band has their own problems-- Baker plays AIDS roulette with pick-ups, while Lena and Angel are looking for the right way to add a baby to their loving partnership-- Kendra has to find out why she loves and hates Axel, a gentle environmentalist, and why she can't remember their times in bed.What birds can only whisper is an engrossing novel about one woman's journey from imminent career success back into her past to confront her childhood. With the help of her lover and her friends in the band, she pieces together the puzzle of her past, a process that can lead to freedom or the brink of madness.

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