Barker by Wayne Tefs

Harlan always knew he was special, that he was different from other folk. He figured...

The Road to Atlantis by Leo Brent Robillard
Road to Atlantis, The

Following the coast on their summer vacation, the Henrys stop at the beach to break up...

No Escape from Greatness by Jeffrey John Eyamie
No Escape from Greatness

Fame can be fickle. Nobody knows that better than overnight sensation Gabriel Pegg …...

Visiting Fellow by Dave Williamson
Visiting Fellow

Poor Wally. It’s the mid-1990s, and middle-aged history professor Wally Baxter is...

The Waiting Place by Sharron Arksey
Waiting Place, The

Duty, desire, love, and purpose. Who we want to be and whom we want in our lives. As...

Grandmother, Laughing by Armin Wiebe
Grandmother, Laughing

Until she met Obrum Kehler, serious Sarah Sudermann had never laughed. Her mother said...

Cartier Street Contract by Wayne Tefs
Cartier Street Contract

They had worked it out very carefully. They had counted on placing the kid in a trades...

Bad Latitudes by Al Pope
Bad Latitudes

In an effort to escape the suburban vacuum of 1978 Toronto, Connie heads to the...

Bread, Wine & Angels

A young girl is growing up in San Giovanni, Italy, a remote village in the southern...

Murder in Gutenthal by Armin Wiebe
Murder in Gutenthal

Wiebe’s second Gutenthal novel takes the form of a comic “anti-murder mystery.” Return...

The Red Headed Woman with the Black Black Heart by Birk Sproxton
Red Headed Woman With The Black Black Heart

Margaret McWilliams Book Award for Historical Fiction, Honourable Mention (Manitoba...

Where the Winds Dwel by Bodvar Gudmondsson
Where the Winds Dwell

Where the Winds Dwell is a letter from a father to his daughter. It is Patricia’s...