Baldur's Song by David ArnasonBaldur's Song by David Arnason
ISBN: 9780888013736
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Baldur's Song: A Saga

Blessed with an ear for music and a fine voice, Baldur finds his ­fortune but not his love. ­Smitten at an early age, Baldur is ­haunted by Lara—a girl of  fey spirit destined to be both his muse and ­tormenter. The ­daughter of an ­intimidating and well-connected ­businessman, Lara leads Baldur from the small Manitoba ­community of New ­Iceland to the bustling streets of ­early twentieth-century Winnipeg. Along the way Baldur is ­befriended by a young Johnny Ashdown and together they ­cash in on the boom days of Canada’s early west.

In this modern Icelandic saga, Baldur is ­buffeted by chance and opportunity in a ­competitive, ­unforgiving new world, seeking his one true love.

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Short-listed for the 2011 Margaret Laurence Award for Fiction
Short-listed for the 2011 Carol Shields Winnipeg Book Award
Short-listed for the 2010 Margaret McWilliams Award