Misplaced Love by Maggie DwyerMisplaced Love by Maggie Dwyer
ISBN: 9780888012579
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Misplaced Love

A bittersweet, gently satirical collection of fiction set mostly in Winnipeg's Jewish community and Toronto, the stories in Misplaced Love are often tragedies that border on the farcical.

There is a range of misplaced and lost loves here; "Lot's Wife" is a compelling story of a man's devotion to his wife in a nursing home, told with a plain-spoken, mordant humour that steers it clear of sentimentality. In "Dr. Weltzschmerz, I Presume," a homemaker tries to live an orderly life in a disorderly world of uncertainty, lapsed faith and psychiatrists' appointments.

Dwyer captures the rhythms and idioms of Yiddish-influenced vernacular perfectly. This a colourful, lively collection of endearing reprobates and regular people trying to cope with circumstances to which anyone could relate. Each story deals with love as prayer: for kindness, understanding, and acceptance, which may be the most we can hope for.

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